Dry Aged Beef

We carry a full line of Prime and Choice Meats. Our beef is all Hereford cattle and all AMERICAN raised. 
We also keep a nice selection of 30 Day Dry Aged beef products in stock for your next occassion.


Dry aging is a process that slow ages meat in a humidity and temperature controlled enviroment. It typically takes 14 - 30 plus days (depending on your flavor goals) to reach maximum flavor and tenderness. 
If you have a special occasion coming up and need a large quantity of dry aged beef please try to give us as much heads up time as possible so we can meet your quantity needs and cut needs. 

NEW YORK STRIP                                                  RIB EYE

SMOKED STEAKS... The best trick I can offer you:

We take any of our steaks or chops and smoke them at a low temperature for 5 - 10 minuets, then chill.
The steak is still raw in the middlel but when you take it home and cook on a gas grill or in the kitchen the steak finishes with an intense smoke flavor, like you cooked it on an open pit. We try to keep a small selection smoked in house. 

RIB EYE STEAK  RAW                                                                  ON THE SMOKER                                                 COOKED & CHILLED

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Ground Beef : 
We grind our beef fresh everyday. 

Try our Briskit, Chuck, and Shortrib Burger - 1st Place Philadelphia Burger Brawl -

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