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Matt B:

Picked up dinner here last night, Rib-eye steak and crab cakes and sides. Everything was incredible. Top quality meats and fresh seafood, so glad a place like this has opened around here. Looking forward to trying the BBQ!! Best of luck Chef Dave!!

Adam C:

One of the best meals I've ever had. Highly recommend

Tom M:

Made your dry aged strip steaks and filets on the grill yesterday. Both the quality of the steaks and the flavor was amazing. Truly tasted like I cooked them over a wood fire. You'll see much repeat business from me this grilling season!!

Lisa C:

Ordered the Salmon, crab cakes, brisket, hamburger, chicken sausage and cucumber lemonade. Thumbs up from the entire family. I will definitely be back!

James E Jr

I just had the cheesesteak today and it was amazing. I can not wait to try the rest of the menu.

Drew A:

Absolutely phenomenal food with exceptional customer service. I highly recommend you support this local business. My most recent trip could've been marred by a partial piece of the order that was missing however the staff immediately corrected the error and went above and beyond by bringing the order out to me. They called me before I even realized the error occurred. A+++++.

Leah P:

First time trying out the food here tonight and my boyfriend and I thought it was excellent! Everything was spot on, from the delicious smoky food, cleanliness, friendly staff, and pleasant brown paper packaging. An unexpected gem of a restaurant out here in South Jersey. Give it a try. Five Stars!

Paul M:

Not your every day meals, brilliant and delicious! I've been there a few times, everything is good!

Kelley M:

Best cheese steak and Best pulled pork sliders I ever had. Can't wait to try the other menu items. Yum!

Kristen P:

I have purchased porterhouse steak, smoked ribs, prosciutto kielbasa, filet, cheddar bacon burger patties and all were delicious 
Thank god I went in and didn't simply send my husband into the butcher shop are far more than that typical butcher shop

my husband loved the peppered jerky

Super excited for this new addition to our neighborhood and now I don't have to drive all the way to philly for my meats
Highly recommend !!!

Anna L:

The pulled pork and brisket sandwiches were excellent. The BBQ sauce was amazing. Even my boyfriend, who hares BBQ sauce, loved it. Two thumbs up!

Joyce W:

David's and Sons has the best meat I have seen in years. Not the nasty stuff you get in the grocery store....It is high quality. Thank you so much of bring your store to this area.

Ben B:

The food is amazing. The service takes a little longer than a quick-service restaurant which is appropriate, and has improved since opening. We've tried brisket, ribs, steak, lox, Italian sausage, kielbasa, potato salad, collard greens, chili, and the reuben. 
The barbeque is way above NJ/PA expectations. The ribs and brisket are not over smoked, but the bark is very well seasoned without becoming overbearing. 
The steaks are great quality. 
We were pleased with the lox having additional tones other than just salt and liquid smoke, like dill and something sweet. 
The sausages were quite nice, but since we picked ones that have very specific tastes and aren't that unusual, I can't say they were better or worse than normal. 
The potato salad had a ton of flavor. I normally don't feel guilty eating a food, but I was nervous from a health perspective. They were rich and delicious. 
I would say the collards were a little liquidy, but the flavor was great. 
The chili is chunked brisket. The flavor is huge, the spices are on point, every bite will be gratifying, but if you're expecting Wendy's chili or even a Texas chili w/o beans, this is something completely different. 
Finally, the reuben was delicious. I hope the corned beef was cured and or smoked in-house, because if so it means you should really make thick cut pastrami.

Joe H:

Everything I have tried from here has been excellent. Dave is getting more creative. I just had the Bacon meatballs and they were delicious!!

Marlyce P:

Great to have a meat store with butcher. Products are top not and service fantastic. I recommend the mini lobster and crab cakes!

Shawn M:

A lot a great food and friendly service. cheesesteak and chili are awesome. I didn't care for the wings. The burger may have been the best one I ever ate.

Mat M:

12 hour smoked brisket for lunch was fantastic, now I can't wait for the dry aged strips for dinner!

Kristine V:

Spare ribs were fantastic, bbq sauce was smokey and delicious! Keep up the great work! :)

MaryKate T:

Love this place! The food is amazing and the staff is friendly!!!!

Chris S:

Met David tonight. Love this place. Great food and great chef.... can't wait to shop here gain....

Brenda GS:

Wowza! Stopped by today and treated my husband to the beef brisket for sandwiches while watching the big game....absolutely deliciousness!! Can't wait to try the bacon wrapped meatloaf sandwiches!

Christine P:

Bought a 7 lb prime rib roast. It was the best prime rib I've had outside of a restaurant. Superb!

Christopher G:

Great food! Soups are excellent! 
Cheeseburger was fresh!

Mary G:

Just returned home to chow down on some delicious sandwiches. The smells were heavenly and my mouth watered as I drove home! Beef brisket was very good with plenty of brisket in the roll. Same thing with the pulled chicken sandwich. Tender chunks of chicken that overflowed out of the roll. Homemade chips, at least I think they were homemade was included along with coleslaw and a pickle. Also got the au gratin potatoes...yum! Also, staff was very nice. I will definitely be returning!

Christine N:

Just finished an amazing smoked brisket sandwich from David & Sons. Juicy, tender, and flavorful, and the BBQ sauce that came with it was tasty. Really great sides, too--creamy mac & cheese and roasted brussels sprouts. (BTW, it smells incredible in the store--lots of yummy things being smoked.) My son also really enjoyed his chicken fingers/fries. We will definitely order from them regularly--looking forward to trying the ribs and the smoked chicken wings.


Kim B:

My husband and I just had the most delicious take out lunch from David and sons. I had the BBQ pulled pork sandwich and it really hit the spot! My husband'a brisket sandwich was tender and full of flavor. We also tried the Mac and cheese and the Brussel sprouts. They were both heavenly!! David was very friendly and let us sample several of his treats while we waited. I'm excited to go back!! It was really tasty. I'm so glad that Woolwich has such a delicious place to get BBQ!

 Jon S:

In a generic strip mall buried deep in Woolwich Twp. top chef David Wiederholt has opened a gourmet butcher/BBQ/takeout spot and my first visit was pretty amazing.  David was most recently executive chef at Capital Grille in Philadelphia, but has worked at many other restaurants like Buddakan, Oceanaire, Butcher and Singer, and more.  

Maybe I have an inferiority complex being a lifelong resident of Woolwich and remembering when less than 1000 people lived here and there was nothing but farm fields as far as the eye could see, but I am almost embarrassed to have two amazing chefs (first Terence Feury at Tavro 13 and now David) choose my town as the place to deliver their vision.  I wish them both nothing but success.

When you walk into David & Sons, you are greeted by the most amazing BBQ smells - reminds me of going into BBQ joints in NC.  The interior is no frills with both walls lined by deli-style display cabinet.  Although I did not purchase any raw items - they have a full selection of hand butchered meats and fish.  They also have a display of vegetables and cryo-sealed prepared dishes.  

I went right to the BBQ.  For this visit, I chose a pulled pork sandwich.  The bakery style roll was grilled on the broiler, the slaw was fresh and crunch with a hint of - maybe - horseradish to give it a bite.  The pork was taken off the roast and browned up in a sauté pan.  The package was finished with a delicious BBQ sauce and crunchy homemade chips.  I always appreciate takeout places that take the time to package meals right.  In this case, the BBQ sauce and slaw was packaged separately to ensure nothing got soggy.

On a side note, I was offered a sample of the most amazing and rich truffled cream of mushroom soup while I waited.

The ordering and service flow was a little confusing and the order took a little bit longer than I expected - about 15 minutes or so - which brought the experience down to a 4.  I would call ahead with your order because waiting in the shop is not that comfortable.  However, whether you call ahead or just stop by - visit this shop soon.

Kristen N:

Figured I would continue my support of our local businesses - the prepared food is delicious and a bonus they are now my new butcher.  My husband loves their ribs and home made jerky.  The only reason they don't get a higher rating is because I have to leave room to objectively rate them in future so that I can see consistency in their offerings
Great new addition to Woolwich

LotsofBeer B:

Awesome BBQ and meats. Stumbled upon this place while working in the area. I actually smelt the smoker and it made me hungry. Cool joint. Friendly staff. Fresh sausage I brought home and we had it for Super Bowl; amazing. I will stop when in the area again. Just off turnpike too. Worth the trip.

David N:

Love some of the comments, these guys get it and are working on building something great in this town of italian and Chinese food.  Everything I have tried has been great and the bbq is actually that.  A few places around her sell BBQ, but only D&S actually has a real bbq flavor.  Service is a tad slow but it's a new place that will get better overtime.  They are passionate about meat and offer some things that you just can't get anywhere around here.  Give them a shot, the food is great.

Anna L:

The pork and brisket sandwiches were excellent. Their BBQ sauce is one of a kind. Even my boyfriend, who hates BBQ sauce, loved it. The sandwiches were bought for us from take out, so I can't say anything about price, service or location. I would highly recommend them based on the food alone.

Christine N:

Just finished an amazing smoked brisket sandwich from David & Sons. Juicy, tender, and flavorful, and the BBQ sauce that came with it was tasty. Really great sides, too--creamy mac & cheese and roasted brussels sprouts. (BTW, it smells incredible in the store--lots of yummy things being smoked.) They are a take-out place rather than sit-down, but it's great to finally have someplace local that does decent barbecue. They are also a butcher shop and do catering. We will definitely order from them regularly--looking forward to trying the ribs and the smoked chicken wings.